The Orange Team Summits Chimborazo, Big Congrats!!














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Team Summits Chimborazo

Hola from Chimborazo!

Yesterday our ‘Accreted Expedition’ team summited Chimborazo. We departed camp just after 12:30pm and worked out way up the Stubel glacier. Cold conditions and frozen snow allowed the team to move quickly up the mountain.

The team reached the ‘summit false’ (20,400ft) at around 5:30am and watched the sunrise. The team then traversed to the rarely reached Whymper summit of Chimborazo 20,710ft. The team spent about 10 mins on the summit and moved quickly back down the mountain.

All members did great and where very excited to reach the summit of the highest peak in Ecuador. For all the climbers this was a new “highest point” for them to climb to.

Below are some pictures from our summit day.

Jonathon Spitzer
IFMGA license mountain guide
Alps Program Director
Alpine Ascents International

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Ecuador Volcano Trip 1 “accelerated expedition”

Hola from Cayambe!

Today is Friday and we are back in town. The team spent the last 2 nights 3 days up at the Cayambe hut 15,250ft. We tried to make a summit attempt but do to some unlucky weather we where not able to climb Cayambe.

Over the 3 days we spent at the hut the mountain received over 3ft of new snow up high. With the increase avalanche danger and terrible weather we choose not to attempt the climb up the final headwall.

The team is in good spirits and enjoyed relaxing and acclimating at the hut. We ate excellent food and plenty of hot soup.

We also got some exciting 4 wheel driving experience in during out approach to the hut. (see picture below).

Tonight we are in Riobamba below Chimborazo. The weather is improving and forecast looks good for Sat/Sun/Mon so the team is looking to move to high camp on Chimborazo tomorrow to make a summit attempt on Sun.

We will be in touch shortly and enjoy some of the pictures below.

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The Orange Team enjoying their adventure in Ecuador











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Ecuador Volcano Trip 1 “accelerated expedition”

Hola from the town of Cayambe!

Today the team left the Illiniza area and moved north to start making there ascent up Cayambe. We had a wonderful lunch at Cafe la Vaca. We also crossed the equator today.

In the afternoon we drove up toward Cayambe but the 4 wheel drive trucks couldn’t make it do to a recent heavy snow storm. So being flexible we moved back down to the town of Cayambe to spend the night. Tomorrow morning we are going to head back up towards the Cayambe hut and shuttle our gear and food to the 15,250ft mountain hut. Our goal is to make a summit attempt on Cayambe either on Thursday or Friday.

Thanks for following our cybercast and we will be in touch shortly.


Jonathon Spitzer
IFMGA license mountain guide
Alps Program Director
Alpine Ascents International

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Ecuador Volcano Team “Accelerate Expedition”

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